The media that we consume entertains and inspires us. We carry the experience with us even after we leave the theater. Here at Yellow Barrel we strive to capture those feelings and allow you to express your love of film in your daily life with quality products. Everything we do is inspired by all aspects vintage design and classic americana. As we grow we hope to offer a wide range of products and a variety of references to your favorite films.

Our background is in art, graphic design, and product design. Over the past 5 years we've been working at solving a problem we had: finding well made, well designed clothing and accessories that reference our favorite films and tv shows.

We hope we can bring everyone a solution to this problem we've had.

We're just a small team based out of Austin and Houston, Texas with a great passion for film. So bear with us as we try and deliver the best products that we can, and stick around as we grow and expand from t-shirts and hats to custom cut and sew apparel and hand made accessories.